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  • One of the commercial golf simulator courses
  • Lady practicing on one of our commercial golf simulators

Commercial Golf Simulators

Golf Simulators for Professionals & Commercial

The installation of one of our commercial golf simulators within an indoor venue, retailer or hotel gives you the highest level of technology from both a training and entertainment stand point. Creating a holistic business that is able to cater to a wide range of clients from beginner to seasoned professional.

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aboutGolf’s approach to developing functionality and playability gives the system  an ease of use that will not intimidate new users and converts many of these into lasting venue advocates after very little game time.

Once a venue is established with aboutGolf our unparalleled level of performance, graphic quality and accuracy will be supported by our experienced team. Ensuring that the venue and simulator experience is always of the highest possible standard guaranteeing your indoor golf venture is an unmitigated and lucrative success.

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