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The Latest Technology in Home Golf Simulators

aboutGolf have developed the world’s most accurate, realistic and graphically advanced golf simulators. Working on a proprietary 3Trak system, aboutGolf simulators are able to create the most accurate ball and club data available. This consistent, reliable and definitive data gives home users a blend of entertainment and game improvement that cannot be found in any other system.

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The durability and functionality of the aboutGolf system has been created thanks to the vast amount of research and development aboutGolf have completed. This need to be at the forefront of ball tracking and golf simulation mean aboutGolf will continue to grow and improve your simulator!

Simulators Designed Around Your Home

Our experienced design team are specialised in creating a simulator design that fits your unique requirements. Whether it’s challenging space restrictions or specific cosmetic requests, aboutGolf’s design team will work with you to create a personalised and ergonomic simulator layout.

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